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Waffle Time

Waffle Time has always excite your snack time with the most delightful and irresistible waffle flavors to satisfy your craving. Since we started, We have successfully established a name in the food kiosk business, offering the freshest and most delicious waffles in very affordable packages. Never boring for your taste, Waffle Time offers a delicious selection of flavors that constantly energize your snack time!


100 Servings


P 6,500

Package Details

Sweet Fillings Choice of 4:
– American Hotdog
– Cheese Delight
– Tuna Salad
– German Cheese Franks
– Canadian Bacon
– Ham & Cheese – Ultimate Ube
– Swiss Chocolate
– Mango Magic
– Pineapple Pleasure
– Belgian Chocolate
– Bavarian Cream


  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Food carts are subject for availability.
  • Additional charge/s may apply depending on location for outskirt areas.
  • Minimum of two (2) carts per event. Additional P500 if only one (1)cart.

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