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Ferino’s Bibingka

There are three ways to test if the bibingka is a TRUE Ferino’s Bibingka. First, coming out from the oven, you can smell the distinct aroma only an original Ferino’s Bibingka have. Secondly, the bibingka should still be sponge-like long after it was cooked. And finally, you can finish an entire bibingka without asking for something to drink (hindi nakakahirin). In cooking bibingka, different recipe need amount of heat. Ferino’s Bibingka uses clay oven and charcoal because heat is easier to adjust when using charcoal. In malls and restaurants, they use electric oven which make it difficult to adjust the heat on top as well at the bottom of the bibingka, and it make the bibingka more like a cookie than a cake. Help cook a better bibingka.


110 Servings


P 14,000

Package Details

(Bibingcute, Special bibingka, Puto-bumbong)

– 110 servings (55 Bibinka & 55 Puto-bumbong)
– 200 servings (100 Bibingcute &100 Puto-bumbong)


  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Food carts are subject for availability.
  • Additional charge/s may apply depending on location for outskirt areas.
  • Minimum of two (2) carts per event. Additional P500 if only one (1)cart.

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