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Brothers Burger

Brothers Burger Inc. is the first flame-grilled gourmet burger restaurant in the Philippines founded in 1999 by the Jose brothers – DJ, Martin and Quito. Since then, the brand created a market consciousness that a classic comfort food like the burger can be raised to gourmet levels. Brothers Burger soared into new heights when they revamped the look of the brand during the first quarter of 2018, opened new stores in the key areas (still for expansion as of date) and developed new menu varieties such as their very own pizza creations, milkshakes, soft-serve ice cream, hotdogs, Super Bowls, and chicken wings. Now on its 20th year with a fresher look, the brand is still offering that mouthwatering, flame-grilled beef patty burger that their loyal customers have been accustomed to love. Brothers Burger is now positioning itself as one of the key players to the Philippine’s growing fast food industry in the next 5 years by providing an alternative that tastes global but created locally. The dream of providing a classic burger with gourmet taste and well-crafted new menu items that tagged the brand as #MoreThanJustBurgers is no longer limited to Metro Manila but soon to nearby provinces and in the not so distant future, a first Brothers Burger outlet to invade the APAC region. This is not only a healthy prospect in the food business but also a fulfillment of an aspiration to have another Philippine burger company that Filipinos can call their own. Indeed, Brothers Burger is ready and challenged to take the stead of a Comfort Food Market Leader. Under the new concept, surely no Filipino brother or sister will go hungry with BROTHERS BURGER!


Baby Brothers Burger (150 servings)


P 17,500

Package Details

Baby Brothers Burger (150 servings)
P 17,500

Brothers Burger (100 servings)
P 23,500

Big Brothers Burger (100 servings)
P 32,500


  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Food carts are subject for availability.
  • Additional charge/s may apply depending on location for outskirt areas.
  • Minimum of two (2) carts per event. Additional P500 if only one (1)cart.

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