Balloon Decor

Party Builder

Balloon Columns (2pcs)

  • 5.5ft Balloon Columns
    P 1,500
  • 6ft Balloon Column with Mylar
    P 2,000

Balloon Centerpiece

  • Balloon Cluster

    12pcs, 5″ Balloon on pot

    P 250
  • Printed Balloon on a Pot

    3pcs, 5″ Small balloons

    P 250
  • Balloon Centerpiece

    2 layers, 5″ small balloons with themed mylar

    P 350
  • Balloon Bouquet for Buffet Centerpiece
    P 700
  • Full Arch Balloon (Single Door)
    P 3,500
  • Full Arch Balloon (2 Doors)
    P 5,000
  • Half Garland Balloon
    P 1,500
  • Cake Arch Balloon
    P 2,500
  • Cluster Balloon (Ceiling)

    with dangling cut-out image plus P200

    P 350
  • Upside Down Column (Ceiling)
    P 750
  • Link Balloons

    Minimum of 6 Lines

    P 3,000
  • Long Cluster Balloons

    Minimum of 6 Lines

    P 9,000
  • Balloon Blast

    with 50pcs small 5-inch balloons with 10 prizes

    P 1,000
  • Organic Arch Balloons (Entrance)
    P 5,000
  • Asteris Balloon
    P 250 each
  • Floating Balloon

    Like Banderitas, Minimum of 100 Pieces

    P 25 each
  • Balloon Sculpture

    Price ranges from P2,500 to P4,500 depending on design



  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • As of January 2020
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